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About Us

Supporting Recovery and Preventing

College Student Substance Misuse



  • We are a statewide professional affiliation group addressing alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) issues on the college campus.

  • We offer leadership and professional advice regarding the prevention of high risk, hazardous ATOD-related behavior through collaboration, education, support, networking, mentoring, and advocacy.

  • We promote science-based and innovative strategies to achieve healthier and safer college communities including support for those in recovery from substance use disorders.


College student alcohol and substance misuse problems exact enormous social and economic costs for families, friends, and the community-at-large, including assaults, injuries, intoxicated driving, and death. Colleges and universities have a limited ability to address the problem without partnerships and collaborations at the local and state levels. The Virginia College Collaborative is made up of college and university public health professionals, faculty, and engaged community members who care deeply about these issues and are willing to work with community partners to reduce college substance use and create environments, policies and practices that support a safe and healthy college experience that enables students to succeed in college and beyond.

While the Virginia College Collaborative provides ongoing technical assistance and support to the campuses, we also offer two trainings a year that are open to the public and interested participants from any Virginia campus.

Partner Schools

The Virginia College Collaborative is a growing network of  colleges and universities across the state who work together with community partners to reduce alcohol and substance use on their campuses and create environments, policies and practices using data-driven approaches.


The Virginia College Collaborative is lead by the leadership council that is made up of medical, public health, student conduct, and student affairs professionals from colleges and universities in Virginia. Nationally, we are part of the growing number of state-wide groups that are convening to understand issues of substance misuse on college campuses that is convened buy the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse and Recovery (HECAOD) that is part of the Higher Education Center at The Ohio State University. 


The Virginia Collaborative (formerly The Virginia College Alcohol Leadership Council or VACALC) was formed in the summer of 2000 to formalize leadership on college conference planning and leadership on other relevant initiatives for colleges and communities.  In our 18 year history, we have gathered to identify what can be done statewide to help maintain, and increase the attention given to alcohol and substance misuse prevention on campuses and in their surrounding communities.  Our founding group of 25 has grown to 141 members on 42 campuses as well as ten allied state agencies and non-profit organizations.

The Virginia College Collaborative is funded by Virginia ABC and the generous support of volunteers. 

The Virginia College Collaborative Leadership Team

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